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(Ceraphyto) is interior cultivated with ceramics which is developed for cultivating plants. “Cera” means ceramics, and “Phyto” means plants in latin. This is the goods which brought the technology of ceramic cultivation to interior design. there is no worry that plants are died from excess water or lack of water. And it will not happen that the carpet is made dirty by water or soil. Could you decorate the room with this small foliage plant? We think that Ceraphyto can make you happier than now.

 about ceraphyto product




  • A plant can use for its growth as much as water in the ceramic-pipe as needed.
  • By CAPILLARY PHENOMENON, a special ceramic-pipe absorbs water necessary for the plant.
  • Ceramic cultivation is totally different from hydroponics.


We named the method of cultivating plants with special ceramic pipes or boards burned at high temperature ‘ceramic cultivation’.
In this method, the plants are supplied with water through ceramics to which the roots are touched.

These special ceramics have many tiny holes (its diameter is less than 3μm) which has capillary force.
When they are soaked in water, water run through them by capillary force and maintained in them.

Plants uses as much water as needed in the holes.
After that, only the same expired quantity of water is absorbed by capillary force fom the water source.
Using ceramic culvitation method, plants won’t be rot caused by supplying excessive water and won’t wither or die by lack of it anymore.
Moreover using this, water is not needed to aerate or circulate. In this point, ceramic cultivation method is totally different from hydroponics.
Our method can be said to be a energy saving method.
The ceramic cultivation technology is the world first one, and patented in dozens of countries such as Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Chinese Taipei, Europe.